All-Poland supervisory boards’ competences survey 2016

Projekty SEG


Ladies and Gentlemen,

On behalf of the Supervisory Boards Forum (SEG, Warsaw Stock Exchange, PwC), we would like to invite the owners, investors, managers and non-executive directors of listed companies to participate in the All-Poland supervisory boards’ competences survey.

The aim of the survey is to define a set of competencies whose harmonious combination would create a supervisory board which is effective, professional and valuable to owners and shareholders. The results of the survey will be published in a report titled Supervisory Boards 2016. Trends and directions in change, and the conclusions drawn from the survey will be an element of a panel discussion at the 6th Annual Conference of the Supervisory Boards Forum which will be held in Warsaw on 16 March 2016.

The questionnaire is anonymous, and it will take you approx. 10 minutes to fill it in.

The survey consists of two parts. Each part contains short lists of competencies (knowledge, experience, skills and attitudes) which owners, investors and managers expect of supervisory board members. Please could you evaluate the importance of these competencies and assess their levels on the Supervisory Boards you work with.

Responders who fill the questionnaire and share contact details will receive the report Supervisory Boards 2016.Trends and directions in change. Answers to the questionnaire are strictly confidential and it is not possible to directly identify respondent or represented company.

Thank you for filling in the questionnaire.


Last updated 01/25/2016