4th SEG Listed Companies HR Congress

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Polish Association of Listed Companies (SEG) would like to invite you to the 4th SEG Listed Companies HR Congress. During the event, there will be three plenary sessions, where we will discuss the changes in the expectations of employees and changes in functioning of the companies, the new challenges of HR services in changing job market, effective communication with multiple generations in one company. We will also discuss Ethics Code as a useful tool for HR. We will also cover issues that are considered relevant by legal departments of listed companies.

The Congress will be held on April 8 - 9, 2015 in OSSA Hotel in Ossa near Rawa Mazowiecka.

We have pleasure to invite you to IV Congress of Human Resources SEG Companies. The main subject will be ‘Human Resources Management in the conditions of the divergence of expectations of employees’.

More information on polish site: http://seg.org.pl/pl/iv-kongres-hr-spolek-gieldowych-seg

Contact for more information about Congress:

Marta Irena Radek

tel. (22) 826 26 89
kom. 506 083 400
email: marta.radek@seg.org.pl

Contact to be a SEG member:


Joanna Bielecka

Communication Manager
Polish Associations of Listed Companies
tel.: (22) 826 26 89
e-mail: joanna.bielecka@seg.org.pl

Last updated 04/02/2015